Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin

Read our article about laser hair removal for Indian skin. If you are interested in hair removal book a free patch test online or contact us in one of our 4 London clinics.

Is laser hair removal safe for Indian skin types?

Laser hair removal is safe for Indian skin when the right type of laser is used. At Mayfair Aesthetics, we use the Soprano Ice Platinum and Titanium systems for laser hair removal. These are the market leading systems for laser hair removal for darker skin types and can safely and effectively treat all skin types and are even suitable for tanned skin.

What laser is best for Indian skin?

At Mayfair Aesthetics we firmly believe that Soprano Lasers – Platinum and Titanium are best for Indian skin. They work by gradually heating the melanin (pigmentation) within your hair follicles to around 45-50 celsius by administering 10 low energy pulses a second. 

This is the magic temperature that damages the structures that create hair. Traditional shots based lasers also reach the same temperature but do so instantly which can be super painful and more likely to damage your skin. Soprano lasers also use a contact cooling system incorporating a sapphire tip. 

This constantly cools the surface of the skin to ensure the treatment is safe and comfortable.

How much does Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin cost?

Prices start from as little as £28 per treatment up to £1500 (for a 6 visits full body treatment) depending on the size and number of areas treated. Currently our discounted price for full body laser hair removal is is £1360. We offer a range of packages with discounts for treating 3 or more areas and we also offer very popular full body packages. You can see our price list for laser hair removal by clicking here.

Will Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin be painful?

Soprano lasers are some of the least painful lasers on the market. We will be heating your hair follicles to 45-50 celsius but as we do so gradually, for most people this will not be painful. 

The treatment is not without sensation, you will feel heat and a possibly a prickling sensation like pins and needs which is individual hairs heating up but this type of laser system avoids the pain associated with traditional shots based lasers. Here is why.

We are aiming to reach 45-50 degrees Celsius within your hair follicles. Traditional lasers administer a single, high intensity shot which brings your skin/hair to that temperature at the speed of light (instantly). This will feel like being flicked with an elastic band or jabbed with a needle. Soprano lasers flash on and off 10 times a second and the treatment handpiece is passed back and forth over the area being treated so that the temperature is raised gradually.
Imagine you step straight into a hot bath, this can be quite painful with the instant temperature change. Now imagine stepping into a cold bath and turning on the hot tap and gradually raining the temperature of the water to hot. No pain. Your body will acclimatise to the gradual increase in heat without the discomfort. The same idea is behind the gradual heat increase in a Soprano laser hair removal treatment.

How long does Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin take?

Appointment times for laser hair removal for Indian skin can vary from 2 minutes to 4 hours depending on the size and number of areas being treated, skin tone and general body size.

 During the treatment, areas will be sectioned out using a white pencil to ensure nothing is missed and that the correct amount of energy is administered to each area so that the treatment is safe and effective.

Are there any Risks from Laser Hair Removal on Indian Skin?

Laser hair removal for Indian skin is very low risk. Side effects are extremely rare when the treatment is carried out to the correct protocols and the aftercare advice is followed. 

We always patch test prior to treatment and then will carefully assess you during each treatment to avoid any side effects such as burns and blistering. We will go through a detailed consultation process during the initial visit and you will receive a detailed before and aftercare guide to take home.

What will the treatment involve?

The process for laser hair removal involves coming to one of our 4 London locations initially for a consultation and patch test. One of our highly trained and experienced laser specialists will explain the treatment in detail, answer any questions you may have and then try out the laser on each different body area you would like to treat.

You will need to shave a patch of each area you would like to treat around 8 hours prior to the patch test and complete a medical form that is sent to you a couple of days before your visit. We screen for coronavirus exposure and also check that you have no medical conditions or are taking no medications that might interfere with the treatment.

The first treatment can then take place any time from 48 hours after the patch test. Follow up appointments are then space every 4 weeks for the face and 6 weeks for the body for the first 4 treatments. 

After that if you are seeing a drastic slow down in hair growth (most clients do), further appointments will be more widely spaced.

How to care for your skin after?

After treatment you will have specific advice to follow such as:

  • Us a good quality aloe vera gel (we stock an excellent one from Aloe Pura), it works even more effectively when stored in the fridge.
  • Avoid sunbathing for 1 week after treatment to reduce any chance of pigmentation issues. Use sunscreen SPF 30 or greater at all times throughout the course of treatment on any areas exposed to daylight. We stock an excellent Aloe Vera SPF 50 sunscreen which is ideal for use during laser treatment.
  • Throughout your course of treatments and for several weeks before, do not use any hair removal treatment methods (waxing, electrolysis, plucking, threading, epilator, hair removal cream, bleaching or tweezing) that will disturb the hair follicle at the treatment area. Shaving is fine prior and during the course of treatments to keep hair under control. Shave at least twice between treatments. (wait a minimum of 48 hours before first shave).
  • You should also avoid and extra heat for 48 hours after a laser appointment such as saunas, steam rooms, vigorous exercise, hot baths or showers and you should treat your skin gently for the first 48 hours after treatment.
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