Which Laser Hair Removal System is Least Painful?

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Which laser hair removal system is least painful?

There are many different types of laser hair removal available in the UK. The one thing they all have in common is that they stop hair from re-growing to a greater or lesser extent, but which laser hair removal system is least painful?

Modern laser hair removal systems fall into 2 camps, the traditional ‘shots’ based method and the newer ‘SHR’ method.

Traditional ‘Shots’ Laser Hair Removal

Shots – Laser systems such as Magma, Candela and Cynosure use the traditional shots method. During this treatment, laser energy is applied all in one go on a particular small area to raise the temperature in the follicle to 45-50 degrees and then moved a centimetre or 2 and the process repeated until the entire treatment area has been covered. This can be rather painful, with some systems being more painful than others! As the laser energy is delivered all at once, a cooling method is employed to prevent burns and make the treatment more bearable. You may also be offered a numbing cream prior to treatment. These creams should be used with caution as pain exists for a reason and numbing creams may prevent you from realising that your skin is being damaged by the laser treatment leaving you with burns or blisters. Not a good look!

Soprano Titanium & Soprano Ice Platinum – SHR Laser Hair Removal

SHR – The Soprano Ice Platinum & Titanium laser technology uses a different method of delivering laser energy to prevent hair growth. Rather than single high intensity pulses as found with the traditional laser hair removal systems, the Soprano models flash on and off 10 times a second at a lower intensity while the laser treatment wand is passed backwards and forwards over the treatment area. This allows the laser and heat energy to build up gradually to 45-50 degrees over the course of several seconds which feels like a gentle warming sensation, rather than the sharp pains associated with traditional laser hair removal. Sapphire contact cooling is employed with the Soprano models as a constant heat sink and a cooling gel is applied during treatment, both of which mean that Soprano laser hair removal is virtually or in many cases completely pain free. The  Soprano Ice Platinum and Titanium systems, feature 3 laser wavelengths rather than the standard single wavelength included on many other laser models. We firmly believe that Soprano lasers are the best choice for the most comprehensive and painless laser hair removal available in the UK today.

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