What kind of woman chooses Soprano Ice Platinum?

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What kind of woman chooses Soprano Ice Platinum?

To put it simply, a smart woman! Anyone who is serious about getting rid of unwanted hair has a host of options available from shaving, waxing, threading and plucking to electrolysis, IPL and laser hair removal.

What hair removal treatment is most effective?

The most effective method available is laser hair removal. This method will drastically reduce  and in many cases completely eliminate the amount of hair growing thus removing the need for tedious regular shaving, waxing and threading. It is less painful than electrolysis and IPL and more effective in most cases.

Looking into the pros and cons of different laser hair removal methods, the smart woman will go for the safest, most effective and least painful laser hair removal system.

What factors should you consider?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a laser hair removal clinic which may each have very different laser hair removal systems.

Laser Wavelengths

First – which laser wavelengths are employed by the laser system? Different IPL and laser models from a variety of manufacturers offer a variety of laser wavelengths suitable for different skin types and hair colours. Some are more effective than others for different hair colours and skin types.

IPL– (Not laser) Not as effective as diode in head to head studies and not good for all skin types. May require more treatments. Typically more painful treatment than diode.
Alex – 755nm Best for lighter skin types, paler hair colours and fine hair.
Diode – 810nm Good for many skin types.
YAG 1064nm – A good selection for darker skin types and darker haired patients.

Laser Hair Removal Cooling System

It is also important to consider the cooling method employed by the laser system as this factors greatly in treatment comfort and safety. Typically 1 of 3 different cooling methods are built into modern laser hair removal systems.

Contact cooling – through a window cooled by circulating water or other internal coolant. This type of cooling is by far the most efficient method (source Wikipedia) of keeping the epidermis protected since it provides a constant heat sink at the skin surface. Sapphire windows are much more conductive than quartz.
Cryogen spray – sprayed directly onto the skin immediately before and/or after the laser pulse
Air cooling – forced cold air at -34 degrees C

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Technique

There are 2 different treatment techniques available on different laser models.

Shots – The body area that is being treated is divided up into grids with a white pencil. The laser energy is then delivered in single shots where all the energy for a small area is delivered at once and then moved to the next small area adjacent. This can be more painful with a higher risk of side effects, especially for darker skin types.
SHR – The body area that is being treated is divided up into grids with a white pencil. The treatment applicator is then passed back and forth over the area while the laser flashes on and off 10 times a second at a lower intensity, allowing energy and heat to build up gradually rather than instant painful ‘shots’ as delivered by traditional laser systems. This system is safer and virtually painless in comparison.

Laser hair removal treatment – summary

So taking into account the choice of laser wavelengths, cooling method and treatment technique, the best choice will be a laser system that emits all 3 laser wavelengths for the most comprehensive treatment, is sapphire contact cooled and uses the SHR treatment technique.

The only system on the market that fits all these parameters is the Soprano Ice Platinum or Titanium laser systems. The smart woman’s choice.

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