Mayfair Aesthetics Coronavirus Update

Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.

Many changes have been made in light of the coronavirus pandemic to protect, you and our team. Please read and familiarise yourself with these points.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call 02073544000

Stay safe!. Kind Regards Luz, Matthew and the team at Mayfair Aesthetics

Client Screening

A medical questionnaire must be completed prior to you entering any of our clinics. This will be sent to you via an email or text message – please check your junk-mail if you do not see the form which can be completed quickly and easily on your phone. Forms will be sent out 1-3 days prior to each appointment and must be completed and returned a maximum of 24 hours before your appointment. Our team will check your form and we will be in touch if anything you have communicated requires the booking to be rescheduled. If the form has not been completed we will have no choice but to cancel your appointment. It is now illegal to perform treatments without the pre-completion of the Covid 19 questions and it is also currently illegal to perform any treatments that cannot be classed as medical. If your treatment is purely cosmetic or aesthetic it must be rescheduled to after the lockdown.

Staggered Appointments

We will have a 10 minute gap between all appointments. This allows our team to thoroughly perform all cleaning and sterilization tasks between visitors. This also allows for social distancing between clients, ensuring the previous client has left before your arrival. We ask that you arrive around 2 minutes before your appointment time as there will be no waiting area seating available. Please check your appointment reminder email/text carefully as it may be necessary to make slight changes to your booking time to accommodate social distancing.

Temperature Check / Hygiene on Arrival

A touchless infrared thermometer will be used to check the temperature of all visitors on arrival. If you run or cycle to the clinic, please take a few minutes to cool off outside before entering. Anyone showing signs of fever or cold/flu symptoms will be refused treatment and asked to leave immediately. On arrival you will be asked to wash your hands (20 seconds minimum with antibacterial soap) or use hand sanitiser and you must wear a face covering throughout your visit. You will then be escorted directly into the treatment room by your therapist.

Covid-19 Cleaning

All equipment that is in contact with staff or clients is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every use. The laser, goggles, visor, doorhandles, sinks, taps, seats, bed, tables, trolleys and credit card terminal are cleaned with hospital grade cleansing and disinfectant wipes. All spatulas, cotton discs, couch rolls, masks, gloves and other disposable items are thrown away after a single use. Pencils are sharpened thoroughly for each client and the sharpener and pencil is cleaned with a disinfectant wipe after every use. Towels and sheets have been removed from all treatment beds for the forseeable future. Our staff and our professional cleaners are thoroughly cleaning all floors, doors and bathrooms to ensure the clinic spaces remain clean and infection free.

Attend Appointments Alone

For the time being, we will be unable to accommodate friends or family waiting within the clinic for you. If you are visiting with a friend or family member who is also having a treatment, social distancing measures should be observed and you should each arrive promptly at your allotted appointment time.

Social Distancing Measures

Relevant floor and wall signs will be introduced to ensure the social distancing rules can be observed within all communal areas (not within the treatment room).

Staff Personal Protection Equipment

During your laser treatment, our laser specialists will wear a plastic face visor, laser goggles, type 2 mask, disposable apron, gloves and hair covering. Items will be disposed of or disinfected between clients. Receptionists will also be wearing masks and be stationed behind perspex screens.

No Cash Payments

Payment can be made via bank transfer in advance or with debit or credit card on site. (The card terminal will be disinfected after each use). We will not be accepting cash for the forseeable future.

Reception Safety

We will no longer be offering any paper literature so appointment confirmations and reminders will be exclusively online. Please ensure we have your correct email address and mobile number and ensure that we are marked as a safe sender in your email system so that our communications reach you.

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