Laser Hair Removal Prices

Soprano laser hair removal doesn’t have to be expensive. We regularly review our costs to keep your treatments affordable.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal prices can vary from clinic to clinic. At Mayfair Aesthetics we only provide Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatments. If you are comparing our prices, please make sure you are only comparing Soprano treatments and not an inferior laser hair removal technology.

Why choose Mayfair Aesthetics?

Mayfair Aesthetics is a London laser hair removal specialist. All of our laser hair removal clinics are situated in convenient, central London locations making it easy to reach us – no matter where you live or work.

London locations don’t always mean extortionate prices. At Mayfair Aesthetics we actively invite our customers to compare our prices to our competitors to show you that the very best laser hair removal treatments and a premium level of customer service can also be affordable.

Laser Hair Removal Offers

Winter Sale – book a patch test during January 2022 and get a 60% discount when you book a course of 6 (or more) laser hair removal treatments!6

Number Of Treatments
(Includes 60% Off)
(Includes 60% Off)
Price Per Body Area   
Fingers / Toes / Ears / Nose / Between Brows
Hands / Feet / Stomach Line / Nipples / Lip / Chin / Sideburns / Peri-Anal
Underarms / Jawline / Cheeks / Neck (front or back)
Bikini Line
Brazilian / Buttocks / Half Arms / Shoulders
Hollywood / Chest / Stomach / Half Back / Lip + Chin
Half Legs / Beard
Full Face
Hollywood + Perianal
Full Arms / Full Back / Chest & Stomach
Full Legs
Ladies Full Body
Ladies Full Body & Face
Men’s Full Body
Men’s Full Body & Face
  • Purchase a course of treatments for 3 areas and get an additional 10% Discount
  • Purchase a course of treatments for 4 areas and get an additional 15% discount.
  • Purchase a course of treatments for 5 or more areas and get an additional 20% discount.
  • Full body packages are not eligible for multiple areas discount as these packages already include a much larger discount.

Male treatments

Please note – we provide laser hair removal for men including buttocks and perianal but do not treat the male genital area. 

Click Soprano Ice Platinum or Soprano Ice Titanium to find out more about these revolutionary methods of permanent, painless hair removal.

Our hair removal clinics are based in Central London, allowing you to pop out early morning, during your lunch break or after a busy day at work to have a treatment.

One distinct advantage of Mayfair Aesthetics is that we also offer an interest-free payment option so you can spread the cost of your laser hair removal treatment of a the course of your treatments.

If you are considering laser hair removal, why don’t you get in touch with one of our consultants and book a patch test today? Simply call us on 0207 354 4000.

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