Laser Hair Removal Prices

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How much does laser hair removal cost in London?

Laser hair removal prices can vary from clinic to clinic. At Mayfair Aesthetics we only provide Soprano ICE Platinum and Titanium laser hair removal treatments. These laser systems really are the best on the market, employing all 3 laser wavelengths simultaneously, suitable for all skin types and virtually pain free. 

If you are comparing our prices, please make sure you are comparing Soprano laser treatments, and not an inferior laser hair removal technology (that may only employ a single laser wavelength, that can be super painful, unsuitable for treating tanned skin and less effective in the long run).

Soprano laser hair removal doesn’t have to be expensive. We regularly review our prices to keep your treatments affordable. Our focus is to carry out every treatment thoroughly and professionally to get you the best possible results.

  • Purchase a course of treatments for 3 areas and get an additional 10% Discount
  • Purchase a course of treatments for 4 areas and get an additional 15% discount.
  • Purchase a course of treatments for 5 or more areas and get an additional 20% discount.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Number Of Treatments
Package of 6


Package of 8

Price Per Body Area   
Fingers / Toes / Ears / Nose / Between Brows
£25 (was £60)
£150 (was £180)
£200 (was £240)
Hands / Feet / Stomach Line / Nipples / Lip / Chin / Sideburns / Peri-Anal
(was £70)
£168 (was £210)
£224 (was £280)
Underarms / Jawline / Cheeks / Neck (front or back)
£30 (was £80)
£180 (was £240)
£240 (was £320)
Bikini Line / Extended Bikini
£40 (was £90)
£240 (was £270)
£320 (was £360)
Brazilian / Buttocks / Half Arms / Shoulders
£45 (was £100)
£270 (was £300)
£360 (was £400)
Hollywood / Chest / Stomach / Half Back / Lip + Chin
£50 (was £110)
£300 (was £330)
£400 (was £440)
Half Legs / Beard
£55 (was £120)
£330 (was £360)
£440 (was £480)
Full Face
£65 (was £140)
£390 (was £420)
£520 (was £560)
Hollywood + Perianal
£75 (was £165)
£450 (was £495)
£600 (was £660)
Full Arms / Full Back / Chest & Stomach
£80 (was £190)
£480 (was £570)
£640 (was £760)
Full Legs
£95 (was £210)
£570 (was £630)
£760 (was £840)
Ladies Full Body
£240 (was £500)
£1440 (was £1500)
£1920 (was £2000)
Ladies Full Body & Face
£260 (was £550)
£1560 (was £1650)
£2080 (was £2200)
Men’s Full Body
£260 (was £550)
£1560 (was £1650)
£2080 was £2200)
Men’s Full Body & Face
£280 (was £600)
£1680 (was £1800)
£2240 (was £2400)
  • Full body packages are not eligible for multiple areas discount as these packages already include a much larger discount.
  • Please note, we do not treat men’s genital area but do offer bikini line, buttocks and perianal treatments for men.

Why choose Mayfair Aesthetics?

Mayfair Aesthetics is a London laser hair removal specialist. 95% of the treatments we provide are laser hair removal. 

We pride ourselves in performing the treatments to the correct protocols and actually over-delivering on the energy used to give you the best possible hair reduction results. 

We offer longer than standard treatment times to ensure our treatments are never rushed. We are happy to have industry recognition for our service with 13 awards for best laser hair removal in London. 

During your course of treatments, you are free to visit any of our 4 central London clinics. Read all about our laser hair removal here.

Ready to book?

Please note – we provide laser hair removal treatments for women and men including buttocks and perianal but do not treat the male genital area. 

Click Soprano Ice Platinum or Soprano Ice Titanium to find out more about these revolutionary methods of permanent, painless hair removal. 

A course of 6-8 treatments is usually required for the vast majority of patients with some areas such as face and bikini tending to be more resistant to treatment.

If you are considering laser hair removal, please get in touch with one of our consultants and book a free patch test today

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