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Microblading London

Microblading is great for those who want the most natural results from semi-permanent makeup, be it a full brow overhaul or just to fill in sparse areas.

Unlike traditional semi-permanent cosmetics, microblading is a manual method done with a hand tool. This hand tool of delicate needles creates the most realistic and precise hair strokes, applied a stroke at a time taking great care to ensure perfect results, helping the client achieve a beautiful full effect natural brow, no sharpie brows here!

Each treatment is bespoke to the client to give the most unique results, we map and measure your brow area to achieve the best symmetry and tailor the shape to you, from straight bold brows to sleek rounded fronts and flowing arches. using colours mixed perfectly for your skin tone there is a perfect brow just waiting for everyone. Giving you selfie-ready, non-transferable brows immediately.

Microblading Prices

  • Microblading £350 (includes first visit and a top up 4 weeks later)
  • Microblading & Shading £400 (includes first visit and a top up 4 weeks later)

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