Transgender Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce body and facial hair and can be truly life changing, particularly for members of the trans community.


About Laser Hair Removal


Transgender laser hair removal involves using targeted light energy to damage hair follicles on the face and body. For a lot of trans women, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been found to gradually reduce hair growth. Combining HRT with laser hair removal treatments is a safe way to accelerate the hair reduction process.


What is MTF laser hair removal?


MTF laser hair removal is available at our central London clinics and is a very popular method of reducing and removing unwanted hair which can be the cause of stress and anxiety. For areas such as the face, this treatment can really change lives.

What are the benefits of transgender laser hair removal?

The benefits of transgender laser hair removal are increased confidence, quicker and easier grooming each day, smoother, softer skin, helps remove the need for thick make-up to disguise unwanted hair and will also save a lot of time and energy in the long run that would have been spent on traditional hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving.


What is the best laser hair removal method when transitioning?


The best method of hair removal when transitioning is laser hair removal. It is more effective than IPL and is a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth whereas methods such as waxing or threading are only temporary.

At Mayfair Aesthetics we use the market leading Soprano range of lasers. These are suitable for all skin types, can be used while tanned and are one of the least painful methods of laser hair removal. They also employ all 3 of the standard laser wavelengths at the same time so are some of the most effective methods of reducing and removing hair long term available in the UK today.


Reasons for treatment


At Mayfair Aesthetics, our clients come to us with a variety of reasons for wanting to reduce and remove unwanted hair. Convenience, hygiene, aesthetics and the desire to look a particular way or a combination of these factors are often behind the decision to start the process of laser hair removal. We are a multi-award winning clinic group that specialises in laser hair removal.

Over 95% of the treatments we carry out are laser hair removal, we really are experts. Since opening, we have seen over 10000 patients in a friendly, welcoming and safe environment. Our professional team includes members of the gay and trans community, we are here to help!


What happens at the consultation?


During a consultation for transgender laser hair removal one of our highly trained and experienced laser specialists will go through a presentation explaining the process of laser hair removal in detail.

Subjects such as how it works, what makes Soprano lasers so good for this treatment, preparation, expected results and aftercare are all covered. Prior to your visit we will send you a medical form to complete. This is to screen for covid 19 and also to check for any medications or medical conditions that may present a barrier to treatment.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and outline your goals and concerns and then the laser specialist will try out the laser on each body area you are interested in treating.

At this point you will experience how the treatment actually feels. We will then discuss the package you are interested in going for which can start as soon as 48 hours after the patch test. If you want to go away and think about it first, no problem, we want to give you all the information is a safe, welcoming environment, we are not into the hard sell!


What happens if there is a complication?


Complications for laser hair removal are very rare. Prior to commencing treatment, a patch test will be carried out. If you are one of the very rare people that are not suited to treatment, it will be apparent during the test.

By screening everyone before each visit for any medical conditions or medications that may cause a complication, we avoid problems. If we judge that a treatment is potentially going to be of higher risk, we simply will not go ahead. Our first concern is always going to be your safety.

Because Soprano lasers work by gradually increasing the heat in the hair follicles, long before it gets hot enough to damage you skin you will be able to tell the laser specialist to pause. Protective goggles are worn by both the patient and laser specialist throughout treatment.

For more information, please contact Matthew at, call 02073544000 or you can book a patch test online,

Fawzy started coming to Mayfair Aesthetics during the early stages of her transition and went on to join our team as a receptionist at our Hammersmith clinic.

“I’ve found doing Laser Hair Removal at Mayfair Aesthetics extremely gratifying!  It’s helped me with my gender dysphoria as having facial/body hair was a huge trigger for me. I’m virtually hairless now and they’ve been so welcoming and I’ve not felt judged, not even once! The team are friendly and knowledgeable in their field or laser hair removal. I couldn’t live without it!”

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