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Laser Hair Removal at Mayfair Aesthetics

The Blurb

When it comes to hair removal, I’ve tried the works: shaving, hot wax, hair removal cream, sugar waxing, hair dye, home waxing, plucking, strip waxing, and au natural. A few years ago I went to have IPL on my legs, which was OK. It definitely reduced the amount of hair on my legs, meaning that I didn’t feel like everyone on the tube was staring in horror at my slightly exposed stubble-filled ankles (no one was looking), but I still had to wax them regularly. Other than a few hairless patches on my shins and reduced mass of leg hair, the IPL didn’t make very much difference to my grooming routine, and I felt like I’d wasted my time and money.

A decent wax in London is anything from £60 – 80, and that would last a few weeks max. Is it worth it to spend the same amount of money on something that required me to shave regularly as well? Enter Mayfair Aesthetics Laser and Skin Clinic, the award-winning laser hair removal specialists…

The Process

I entered the space and was immediately put at ease. I was shown a selection of information on how the laser worked, what to expect and how to get the most from my treatment – then we got to work. The procedure consisted of a cooling gel being spread on the treatment area and the laser machine being moved back and forth several times, generating heat. Each time the machine passed over your skin it would become more intense, getting hotter and very occasionally feeling like tiny needles were penetrating my skin. If it ever began to hurt, the person treating me could simply remove the laser to let my skin cool down.

The day of the first treatment was a very hot day, so I was left with a slight rash on my lower leg, which lasted about 24 hours. For the rest of the treatments, having followed the instructions (no baths, hot showers, strenuous exercise or sun, try to avoid going pre-period and don’t drink coffee), there were no side effects. I warn you though, do not go in there hungover or with any sort of oily moisturiser on your legs, and try to shave 6 hours before and no sooner. I made all three of these mistakes in one go on the fourth session, and though it was fine it was not comfortable.

I was instructed to shave in-between treatments, which was amazingly freeing, as waxing requires you to have hairy legs for a few weeks in between sessions. With this I was always hair free! Each time there would be less and less hair growing back. The hair that did grow back was finer and lighter, and when I shaved there were no red bumps and no signs of irritated skin or in-growing hairs. It’s been blissful, and when I think about the time it’s saved me on top of that, I couldn’t have done it soon enough.

By the fourth session (out of 7) I was having to remind myself to shave, because there was that little hair growing. By the sixth session, if there was hair it would be a random dark hair here or there, some on the knees or white fuzz that I couldn’t see.

My underarms had two treatments as well. I don’t want to get rid of my underarm hair completely, but the sessions made the hair more manageable, so if I choose to wax or shave, it’s less tricky to deal with. No one tells you that you can do this, but it’s honestly made a huge difference.

The Results

Say it with me: it really does matter who you book with. These treatments were really not any more expensive than the IPL I tried all those years ago, and yet the results are incomparable. Not only that but I’ve saved myself so much money on waxing! After seven treatments, I was pretty much hair-free. The only hair left was a few patches of fine blonde hair that’s barely visible – and, my god, the freedom that comes with that!

A course of 6 treatments for full legs is £576, 8 treatments are £768


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